The Company

Skybrake is a specialist service offered by Ireland’s top motor services company, AutoKey. Here at AutoKey we have been serving the Irish motoring industry for over 20 years. We have established ourselves as the leading authority for vehicle security and electronic repairs. Autokey is based in Dublin, but we serve the entire country with our mobile locksmith service. Our experience in the motor industry and vast client base facilitated the transition to installing Vanlock products.

Customer service is our priority here at Autokey. Our team who specialise in this market aim to not only provide security, but cutting edge technology to all our customers. Visit our partner page at to view the wide range of other services we provide, or get in touch here.

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We have invested in the latest technology and current trends in order to make vehicle tracking easy. We have developed covert products which notify the user should there vehicle be tampered with, in addition to allowing the user to track this vehicle via GPS. View our list of products here.