Skybrake DD5

Skybrake DD5 is a vehicle security system for motorcycles, cars, vans and trucks with small size that prevents any action against your vehicle.

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Vehicle Theft Protection

The DD5 is offered with one or two engine disable modules and with motion sensing. It has been specially created using Double Dialogue Encrypting and communication methodology. The solution is controlled via a wireless personal transmitter. You simply have to have it with you, no additional operations are required from the driver to start the vehicle. Just start your vehicle as normal. Thanks to their small size, engine disable modules can be easily hidden in any vehicle and the small size of the personal transmitter allows you to comfortably keep it in your pocket or wallet.


– Extra small size.

– Compatible with electric and hybrid cars.

– Minimum interference with the electrical part of the vehicle.

– Low current draw.

– No monthly.

– Comfortable for daily use.

– For the family, you can request up to 5 security tags.

– Battery with 6 months’ duration (audible warning in the vehicle tells you when it should be replaced).

– Can be used with the other Skybrake security systems.

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