Vehicle tracking and Theft Prevention

Unfortunately, we now live in a world where carjacking has become a normality again. This has been a trend in terrorism worldwide in the past number of months. However, in Ireland, we have thankfully escaped such tragedies. Despite this, we have seen smaller scale events take place at a local level. The most recent saw the attempted stabbing and successful carjacking of a taxi man in Cabra, Dublin. What was assumed to be a regular fare, resulted in two men arrested for theft and assault – and a taxi man lucky to escape with his life.

The taxi trade depends on driver’s ability to trust those entering their vehicle. The reality of that is that impossible to know who those people are – or their intentions. The introduction of revolutionary services such as Halo and My Taxi has added more security to the industry. I know who my driver is, they know who I am. I have his details, they have mine. The app tracks me on GPS, the driver has the same ability.

However, in this industry (among others), it is essential to take out further precautionary measures. The role of technology, in particular the internet of things, in security has completely changed dynamics. Here at Autokey, we have embraced this change. We are committed to investing into technology to provide hi-tech vehicle security solutions. We have developed a wide range of security devices encompassing current technology trends in line with consumer wants and needs. In particular, we have designed a security strategy to put a stop to car hijacking – The DD5.


The DD5

Available for any car, the DD5 is embedded in your vehicle. The location remains anonymous, with not even the driver knowing where it resides. The vehicle owner is then presented with two small personal tags. These are kept separate to the vehicle car keys – ideally on your person. This smart and efficient piece of technology then has the ability to control the vehicles ability to function.

How It Works

The DD5 is a vehicle immobiliser device fitted to a vehicle this device communicates with a Battery Operated tag. This should be kept on the driver’s person at all times. Once the DD5 is installed in your vehicle, the owner is given two tags in case of loss. Once the tag is within five metres of the vehicle, the car can start and operate as usual with keys. Should the tag be out of range, turning keys in the ignition will result in a 30 second window before the car shuts down. This distance is adjustable based on the wants and needs of the customer.
Vehicle Security Tag. Car Hijacking Prevention. Carjacking. Van Locks Dublin. Van Locks Ireland.
DD5 Tag
The removal of this tag from the immediate area of the vehicle will result in the vehicle omitting an audible pulsing sound for 30 seconds. This sound will speed up after a further 30 seconds, and then proceed to shut down the vehicle down in a controlled manner. Should the car be hijacked, this gives the vehicle owner the opportunity to maintain a safe distance from the attackers.
Vehicle Security Tag. Car Hijacking Prevention. Carjacking. Van Locks Dublin. Van Locks Ireland.
DD5 tag with Car Key.

Another risky route taken by car thieves is to break into the vehicle owner’s home, steal the keys and make off with the car. With the DD5, car keys alone will not start the ignition of the car. In the case where the vehicle owner has lost his/her tag, a unique identification number is provided at the point of purchase. This reveals a secret number to the customer. From here, starting and cutting the ignition in the order of numbers given will override the system. Thus, giving the driver access to a fully mobile vehicle.

One of a Kind

The DD5 is the only product of its kind on the market. Using current technology trends to combat current theft trends is the mindset we have. Industries, such as transport and delivery, are more susceptible to car theft and hijacking. The DD5 is a state of the art, affordable way to not only keep you on the road, but to keep you safe. To find out more about this product, visit our website. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Anderson Rodrigues

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